Mastering the Game DVD
Mastering the Game DVD


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As a sportsman or woman you will already be aware of the kinds and levels of specialist skills required by your particular sport.

‘Mastering the Game’ DVD aims to give you EVERYTHING ELSE you’ll need.

A definitive guide on:

Training – the best ways to train and the types of exercise you’ll need

Diet – the best foods and drinks to take onboard, and when

Psychology – building individual confidence and team spirit

Injuries – how best to deal with them

With information from some of the World’s foremost experts in their academic areas, ‘Mastering the Game’ has been devised specifically for footballers, rugby and netball players and its principles can be applied at every level of the game and by players of all ages - school, academy even league!

So whether you’re a team Coach, a Parent, Guardian or a Player in your own right, ‘Mastering the Game’ will have something for you!